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Transfull Limited was founded in 1994, it cooperated with a Taiwan private enterprise to develop manufacturing plant, specialize in producing full ranges of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. There are 2 manufacturing plants and the monthly output is about 1 billion units

In 1996  |  to cope with the increasing demand, we set up the 3rd factory in Shenzhen.
                 Monthly output increase to 1.5 billion units

In 1997  |  our product was accredited by ISO 9002 (1994)

In 2003  |  our product was accredited by ISO 9001 which helps to increase our competitiveness

In 2004  |  we cooperated with a high-tech private enterprise to develop car safety electronic products

In 2005  |  we were recognized by Transport Department (HK) as a Speed Display Device (SDD) supplier

In 2006  |  some of our products have passed the requirement of GB/T 19056-2003 and
                 CNAB/2005 with 3C authentication.

In 2007  |  our team starts developing automobile GPS Tracking system

In 2008  |  we had imported the ISO9000:2008 quality management system and
                 was recognized as “Double Soft Enterprise”

In 2009  |  our products achieved the Europe Standard Authentication

Since 2009, we have introduced the internal ERP process, through the internal process carding, it continuously improve the product quality and the excellence of spiritual in research and development, procurement, sales and customer service, etc. The whole value chain had become more cost effective and efficient, which ultimately benefited our customers.

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