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WTransfull TLinkr GPS Positioning & tracking system integrates with high performance MCU processor,
GPS receiver and GPRS/CDMA mobile communication module, it is a smart system that consist of GPS positioning, real-time adjustable map view, monitoring and management functionalities. This GPS positioning & tracking system for vehicle is so-called GPS monitor and control vehicle device or terminal.

Operation Mechanism: When the vehicle is travelling on road, the GPS terminal could send the exact GPS location information through the GPRS/CDMA mobile network and the internet to the server at the control center, which the server could record the exact time regards the exact location displaying on the high definition digital map from anywhere where is accessible to the internet, even on mobile phone.

Application Area: Transfull TTrackr GPS Positioning & tracking system is small, easy to install, reliable,
ultra high performance but low power consumption, optional modules available such as emergency access button, manual fuel outage, voice surveillance, microphone device, beacon light, fuel detector, driving log recording, auto-routing for logistic vehicle, public bus, commercial transportation control, public transports, rental vehicle, taxi etc.


Features & Advantage

• Real-time Tracking
  Precise time and pinpoint location information would be sent by TTrackr to the server according to the     device setting, then recorded and stored in the server.

• Speeding alarm
  TTrackr consists of speeding alarm to track speeding records at particular time.

• Out-Of-Range alarm (Map fencing)
  Preconfigured TTrackr could monitor the travelling route to ensure the vehicle is within the permitted area.

• Route Suggestion
  Provide suggestions of the best or the shortest route.

• Back to the correct route
  The server could playback the travelled route, time and total distance on PC, which could show the vehicle     at each of the time interval (eg. 6s). Thus Management could easily check where the vehicles have been at     what time.

• Emergency call-dial
  By pressing the emergency switch for 3 seconds, the server could receive a notification. Emergency police     access switch option also available for the driver whom may possible needs assistance for reaching
     the police.

• Remote fuel outage
  If necessary, the server could send an instant order to TTrackr to cut the fuel supply of the vehicle.

• Making Calls
  The Control Center could reach TTrackr for voice conversation, or driver could make emergency calls     back to the control center if the phone handset module is installed.

• Voice-Surveillance
  When the voice-surveillance function is activated, the GPS terminal on the vehicle could listen and send     the audio back to the control center.

• Alarm Display
  Emergency alert can be seen at the control center when the TTrackr emergency alarm is activated.

• Fuel Consumption Monitoring
  The Software can analysis and calculate the reasonable fuel consumption required for particular route to     avoid fuel thieving.

• Spare Interface
  Upgradable for additional modules such as vehicle data recording device, display adjustment, text     adjustment, LED advertisement display, navigation system etc

Operation Flow Chart


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