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Transull TTrackr is a mobile phone with an integrated safety solution (in a look and feel suitable for children/elder) which makes it easy for parents to contact their children and to find out where they are.

The system uses advanced GPS technology (GPS satellite positioning system which consists of a personal remote positioning system). Parents can use the secured website to look up the position of the child online via the TTrackr online portal website.

One of its unique functions is that a parent/guardian can also monitor any movements of a child (object) from a designated area and alert him/her by mobile phone text messages (SMS) through the online tracking control center platform. tTrackr is also equipped SOS Emergency speed-dial keys and is very suitable for the elderly / child protection, search, rescue and other aspects of use.


Features & Advantage

• lParental Supervision
  With the enhanced GPS features, the TTrackr can help a parent manage their time more efficiently, such     as to receive safety zone alerts when the child is on their way home in the bus.

• Location button
  As a safety device, the TTrackr provides the child with a SOS Emergency button (in the middle of the     device) to allow the child to contact/alert their parent/guardian in case of an emergency. Apart from the     SOS button, there are also 2 more extra buttons where the parent/guardian can configure the buttons to     call ‘home’ or the helper’s ‘mobile phone’ for easier contact.

• Controlled Costs
  Children can only call the 3 SOS numbers chosen by their parents/guardians therefore preventing     unwanted bills or mishandling the phone.

• Alerts
  Instant notification via SMS and/or email on your child’s current position should your child go astray or feel     the slightest danger.

• Child/Elder Tracking
  Should you need to find your child, the TTrackr gives you multiple options of finding your child/elder, such     as Web, WAP and SMS, simplifying your life by not limiting your access to web only.


Product Features

•   User-friendly mobile phone

•   Lightweight: Weighs only 35 rams

•   Children can only call the 3 SOS numbers chosen by their parents/guardians therefore preventing     unwanted bills or mishandling the phone.

•   The TTrackr tracking portal website help you to track your child/elder

•   Low consumption of battery; equipped with power-saving sensor mode controlled by SMS messaging

•   SOS button for speed-dialing

•   Controlled dialing

•   Rechargeable Battery

•   GPS Location

•   All of your kids’ location can be shown on one screen with information access via web or even SMS!

•   Alerts for safety zone and speed limits

•   SMS Location button: sends SMS with date/time message with location to the parent.


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